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    How are leads completely absent from my segmentation?!

    Tyson Jurgens

      I have a stumper and I'm hoping someone has wise words:


      I built the following Engagement segmentation for a client, but when I approved it I found only about 1/7th of my leads were actually IN the segmentation. I toyed with the filters for the "01-Not Engaged" segment to try to capture more of them, re-approved it, and at the moment my segmentation rules look like this:



      Pretty great, cascading rules, no one should fall into Default, looked fine to me. So I was confused when, after being re-approved and re-segmenting the leads, I saw this:



      Confusing because our lead database has ~688k records. So I waited overnight and this morning I checked in and nothing had changed. So I ran a People Performance report (created at all time, by Engagement Segment, no smart list rules) and found this:



      Anyone ever seen Marketo deliver "Empty" for a Segment value before?! What's going on?! And how do I fix it?!