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    Spamming Issue

    Addy Sharma

      Hi All,


      We have been experiencing the spam bot issue since the last couple of months.We have tried the below with no luck


      - Honey pot Implementation and java script coding.

      - renamed the honeypot word with email check etc and implemented JS code to prevent spam form fills
      - blocked the IP on the server, as the marketo form is hosted on the website


      Its affecting our Alert Program, we are currently using a filter in the program flow to prevent them form running through the flow steps so that they do not send alerts in turn exceeding our mailbox quota,.The issue with this is, its not a permanent fix as there is no unique identifier to create a permanent filter other than the fact they use Chinese characters and @qq.com domain mostly.


      Can anyone please suggest a solution to prevent this completely other than google captcha implementation as we do not what to add a captcha field ?



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          Sanford Whiteman

          You have 2 choices:


          - ReCAPTCHA

          - a separate form data filtering and signing service


          Since the latter is less accurate than ReCAPTCHA and I doubt you have the in-house expertise to build it (no offense meant -- it is not easy) I've gotta refer you back to the technology specifically designed to deal with your situation. You may not *want* it, but sure sounds like you need it.

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            Tim Cerato

            Hi, Addy - Spam bots are never fun. Would you mind sharing an example of an affected form? I'm curious to see how you've implemented the honeypot approach. Are you using javascript to hide the field, or just to block submissions?