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    RCE "Success (Totall)" Measure Different From Actual Program Success Count

    Binh Phan

      I may have overlooked something, but when I check our program summary in Marketing activities  it says that it has x members that have a success status, but when I pull that information in RCE Program Membership Analysis, the measure "Success (Total)" is a different number completely.


      For example, one of our nurture programs only has 2 program statuses- member & influenced, with only one smart campaign changing a lead program status to influenced for click behavior. Influenced program status is considered success, and it shows 41 leads over the last couple months reaching that stage. When I try to compare programs in RCE, it shows that the success (total) is only 27 for that nurture program. I broke it down further and found it correctly identifies 41 as program status influenced, but only 27 count as "success" even though we defined influenced = success.


      Has anyone else run into this issue or does RCE define the success step differently?