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    Upgrading to D365

    Amanda Wells

      Hi All - We are in the process of upgrading to D365 from 2015 online. While at Marketo Summit, I heard mixed messages regarding the D365 integration and have a few hesitations.  Has anyone upgraded to D365 that would be willing to provide suggestions/feedback?  I'm really interested in learning your process; did you need to setup workarounds, how you are using analytics, did the upgrade require help from a 3rd party support team, etc.


      If you are able to help, please reach out. I'd love to hear your feedback either through email or a short call.

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          Paul Wilson

          Hello Amanda Wells!


          From the experience in my dev environment this week there was one critical issue (I documented here) so I would suggest to allow for that. I also have heard from others working through the migration that ensuring you are on the most recent versions of the Marketo solutions is critical. To help you check what versions you have look at Steps 1&2 in this tool tip so you can easily check to see what version you are running. To know what the latest downloadable version of the solutions are from Marketo, check out this tool tip to see what the latest downloadable versions are (currently on May 4th, 2017 the version of MSI is and the version of MLM is


          Hope this helps - let me know if there's anything else I can do!



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            Jonathan Ng

            We are still in the process of conducting this update.  One thing that has come up repeatedly from vendors that have done this type of job before, make sure the GUIDs DO NOT CHANGE.  Some vendors that conduct migrations will tell you that the GUIDs are going to get updated, this is for leads, contacts, lookup fields, everything, DO NOT let that happen.  If you do, it pretty much kills the sync between Marketo and Dynamics and you'll need to start over.  There are 3rd party tools out there that will let you retain the GUID.  By doing so the migration will go along much more smoothly.

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