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    Security settings and sync issues

    Kristin Haynes

      Hi! During our user group meet-up at Summit, I sat next to someone who said their sync was having problems due to security settings on their end and not Marketo issues. Does anyone have any insight on this?

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          Paul Wilson

          Good day Kristin Haynes!


          Not sure of the context in the discussion you were having last Wednesday, but I have seen issues for some clients where changes in field permissions or entity permissions in Dynamics CRM affect the Marketo Sync User. If for example the Security Role for the Sync User looses the ability to write to a field on Contacts, or even looses the ability to write to the Contacts entity that may affect data sync'ing from Marketo.


          What sort of sync issue are you seeing?



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            Jonathan Ng

            I think it was me.  Yes, the Marketo Sync User profile, or User, whatever Marketo is using now if you're on the latest update, MUST have the correct permissions.  Marketo has this documented in their docs section.  More likely than not, the online docs are out of date and you'll need to open a ticket with Marketo to get the specific permissions for your instance type AND version update, ie if you have MSCRM 2011, or 2015, or D365 and then what update you are on.  The permissions windows looks different in each instance.  The permissions that you can grant is also different in each instance. 


            If you do not have the permissions setup correctly, then you'll find that data does not sync back and forth, or it only syncs one way, or it doesn't recognize when a lead is converted to a contact.  Pretty much all sorts of annoyances will happen.


            If the permissions are not EXACTLY what Marketo states for your particular instance, you WILL have issues.  Back in 2014 Marketo, my CRM team and myself spent the better part of a month reviewing the exact permissions and how changing just one permission could entirely affect the sync.