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    Case Satisfaction Survey on SFDC Case Object

    Sydney Mulligan

      Our SFDC team would like to send an automated survey to clients after a case is closed. It's a simple thing, asking about satisfaction and a few questions. Is there a way for Marketo to:

      • Automatically send an email when a case is closed
      • Capture the question responses in a form
      • Store the responses in fields on the case object
        • Re: Case Satisfaction Survey on SFDC Case Object
          Justin Norris

          Sydney Mulligan


          Certainly possible, you would need to

          • Have process builder or apex in SFDC that updates some fields on the lead/contact when a case is closed and passes the ID
          • Use that person field update to trigger a Marketo email containing the case ID for reference
          • Receive the survey responses through a standard Marketo form and write the data to person fields
          • Have another flow or apex back in SFDC receive the data and map it from the person object (lead/contact) back onto the case


          There may be a more direct route (perhaps using "email to case" functionality to update the case afterwards) but Marketo cannot write to the case object nor can case updates trigger a workflow in Marketo via custom object sync, so those are the main limitations that require work arounds.



          Justin Norris | Perkuto

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