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    Product scoring

    Marc Dechow



      Does anybody have a great example of creating scalable product scoring? I've searched through the forum but really can't find a great solution for this.


      Currently we use global scoring tokens but we have roughly 10 product areas that I want to be able to score independent of each other to be able to route them to the right engagement programs and ultimately our sales reps.


      Could a solution be to divide all the product areas in subfolders with their own scoring tokens and smart campaigns? If so how would you make sure that the scoring would trigger for the different areas - I would like to minimize the need for using specific naming conventions on URLs, programs etc. as these conventions can be faulty due to human typos :-)


      Any advise is really appreciated :-)

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          Hi Marc,


          The way I've dealt with a similar situation in the past, with 3 business units, was by using naming conventions and separate forms for each business unit. I understand your fear of human error with going that route, but it worked fairly well and allowed us to use more global filters to pull in all programs or assets specific to a business unit, by using keywords or acronyms used in the forms and programs.


          As an example:


          Program status changes to Success, Program name 'contains' or 'starts with' "XYZ", as opposed to having to select each individual program, and remember which programs belong to which business unit, or product. This way, you can set up your scoring campaigns one time, and as long as you carefully maintain your naming conventions, each new program created should fit the criteria for the applicable scoring campaign.




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