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    550 Too many invalid recipients error code

    Tom Kerlin



      In one of our distribution lists we had about 70 domains with "550 Too many invalid recipients" listed as the cause for the email becoming invalid. I browsed to find additional info. on this error code, but also wanted confirmation, since the explanation that's provided is pretty circular.


      As I understand it, this type of error code appears when sending to a distribution list that has a high number of invalid recipients per email domain?


      FYI - In a recent send, my work email hard bounced and had the same error code, and my sales ops team thinks that this error code is taking place for active clients and making them invalid when they shouldn't be. Has anybody experienced something similar? I'm thinking about running a batch campaign to change these domains back to Email Invalid: False but wasn't sure if this was the best approach.


      Thanks for your help,