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    Using Duplicate Fields Filter in Trigger Campaign

    Conor McCormick

      We are currently sending "Thank You For Your Inquiry" emails using a triggered smart campaign to leads from our websources. One of our Get A Quote (not a Marketo Form) sources can sometimes produces multiple leads for a single inquiry due to the way the form is set up, which creates leads that are MOSTLY identical - the form is designed for people to explore their options and tinker with their quote, but each tinker produces an additional lead when an "Update Quote" button is clicked, sending duplicates to SFDC and Marketo.



      1) Are their any smart list filters or campaign options that will allow Marketo to only send one email per email address?

      2) What's the best method to prevent duplicates from being generated in Marketo in this situation that does not involve redoing the web form? - the multiple quotes/leads are a bug in my role, but a feature for other areas of the business.