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    Duplicate Emails in Multiple Streams-Transition Rules

    Scott Rowe

      I am trying to create a nurture campaign that uses three duplicate emails in every stream - soft nurture emails for non-engaged members before we exhaust them. High level stuff like case studies.


      Any tips on how to handle the transition for this? My transition rules are typically "clicks a link" in one of the emails in the stream, then they progress. However, with three duplicate emails in the bottom of each stream, I can't use that.


      Say they don't engage until the bottom-of-the-stream nurture emails in Stream 1. Then they've fulfilled the requirement for all streams, as that email lives in every stream.

      I thought to make the delivery of the first email in each stream a requirement to progress to the next stream, but then if they wait to get a nurture email, they will bounce through the next stream as soon as the first email is sent. And if you make it the last primary email (non soft nurture), then if they engage with a primary email they won't be sent through immediately.


      Hope that makes sense. Any help would be great!

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          Josh Hill

          Case studies aren't really high level...


          but anyway, what do you mean by "duplicate content."? Do you mean that you are using the Same Asset ID in each Stream? Is it a cloned email asset?


          Can you describe your 3 Streams in more detail? Why do people need to go through each one?

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              Scott Rowe

              By high level I mean more broadly based on our organization, not as product specific.


              I'm referring to the same emails, not cloned. One email asset in multiple streams.


              So we are filtering leads in that have shown interest in a particular product.

              Stream 1 - Content that solidifies the relevance of the product to leads, what it is and how it benefits their day-to-day



              Stream 2 - More in-depth information about the product, unique tech behind the solution.


              Stream 3 - Closing stream, wrap up of the benefits, tech, etc. and call to action.


              So it is a natural progression into the product offering. I've used marketing automation softwares before, but not Marketo. When we inquired about the best way to funnel non-engaged leads into a less intensive nurture program, our Marketo account rep/trainer suggested throwing the same email into all the streams. However, I'm realizing that complicates the transition rules.


              We could obviously clone each nurture email, but as we have multiple for each stream I don't want to have to manage through tons of duplicate emails.