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    [Support Tip] How to extract the Marketo Error Log from DCRM

    Paul Wilson

      Greetings all!

      There are times when it is helpful for Marketo support for you to attach records from the Marketo Error Log in DCRM. In order to do that you need to modify the View in DCRM to add all of the available columns so Marketo support gets the data they need.


      Here is what you need to do the first time to do that (instance is D 365 so your steps may be slightly different).


      Step 1: Navigate to Settings, Customizations

      MEL System Configure.png


      Step 2: Expand the Entities and find the Marketo Error Log Entity and select Views

      MEL View 1.png


      Step 3: Edit the Active Marketo Error Log view and select Add Columns

      MEL View 2.png


      Step 4: Select all columns

      MEL View Add Columns.png


      Step 5: Save and Close

      MEL save and close.png


      Step 6: Publish All Customizations

      Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 2.36.41 PM.png


      Step 7: {Optional} Filter the entries by created date

      MEL filter.png


      Step 8: Select Export to Excel

      MEL Export to Excel.png

      Now you have an Excel file to attach to your Marketo support case!


      Paul Wilson