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    Salesforce Admin Certification - Any tips?

    Rachit Puri



      I am planning to start preparing for Salesforce Admin certification. I have been working in Salesforce in past few years (building campaigns, reports etc.) Does anyone have any study material which I could use? Would request you to share any tips, which can help me.





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          Darrell Alfonso

          Rachit, great that you are going to add this certification to your skillset.


          I have this certification, here are some tips I followed:


          You'll want to follow a study course. Certified Ondemand (www.certifiedondemand.com) is one of the best and very affordable. You can also look at the topics, and then study the salesforce documentation on your own.


          The path is important because even at the basic administration stage the amount of knowledge is vast and you can easily spend days studying something that will not be on the exam.


          Next is that you should use the study guide and build out the scenarios, it's easier to remember all the steps and conditions if you have constructed the solution rather than memorizing process steps.


          This is strictly my opinion, but for studying purposes I wouldn't follow the trailblazer path. Much of the content in trailblazer is for advanced versions of the salesforce certification.

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            Roxanne Gray

            Hello,  I just passed my SFDC Admin test.  I found the practice tests at Focus on Force to be excellent preparation.  They have very realistic questions, which I found more important than I initially thought.  If you get used to the way the questions will be asked you have a lot better shot at remembering the right answers and spotting the wrong answers.  I believe they also have prep courses but I didn't take them so I can't offer an opinion on that part.  I also used Trailhead quite a bit, especially to cover the parts of SFDC that I don't personally use.  .

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              Divyesh Ardeshana



              Below are few links which will help you to achieve your goal   . Please join Salesforce Trailblazer Community.


              1) Master Key - Trailhead : http://sforce.co/1WSxLyE  ( Trailhead - Start with Admin ).

              2) Watch Videos : http://bit.ly/1QOpDwN  ( 6 Admin best videos and do practice ).

              3) Friday Office Hours - Webinar : http://bit.ly/2cDAbT2  ( best webinar where you can ask anything - host by @Aiyaz Ahmed (Salesforce (#SFTechLounge)) ).

              4) Walkthroughs & Videos : http://sforce.co/1OxoSZz  ( Learn where to click where is features etc ).

              5) Getting Started : http://sforce.co/1vEmn0D  ( Your Salesforce gate ).

              6) Downloadable User Guides : http://sforce.co/NKOENS  ( more reading materials ).


              Always have a look left side of this group "Links to Get You Started!"

              Note : try each and every features in Developer org Salesforce. Enter dummy data, delete, update, modify etc no worries in case if you get error. Post on community. Salesforce expert will help you in 24 hours.

              Last but not least : DO PRACTICE AND PRACTICE AND PRACTICE and get Success. All the best.




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