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    Click link, add to list

      I have a program where I am sending out an email for people to be notified in the future about upcoming courses. In this email I am looking to capture each person who click the link to get notified by course A. This goes for the rest of the upcoming courses A through D. So far I have created Smart Lists which states: Clicks Link in Email- Email name and Link is - the link to the landing page that says thank you for inquiring about course A, you will be notified once the course is available. In the flow step - Add to List - If - Clicked Link in Email - is - landing page link - List Name - Reminder (Course A)


      I have created a Smart List for each course.


      My question is if someone clicks on multiple landing pages for different courses will they all be placed in the list that have clicked. So if Guy 1 Click Course A, B, D will his name appear in all lists?