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    Great evening yesterday with Summit '17 DCRM Users!

    Paul Wilson

      I loved seeing so many of you yesterday evening for the DCRM User Group, and for those who were unable to attend, you were missed! There were some great conversations going on there, and some awesome ideas emerged. I encourage everyone who struck up meaningful discussions to connect here in the community, and if you'd like you could jump into the DCRM MUG Slack channel and keep the discussions going on there.


      Here's a couple of pictures from Jillian's yesterday evening. Sorry I can't tag everyone in the pictures:



      Drew Shaw, Dan Stevens., Randy Lee, Ginger Wilson discussing Marketo/DCRM after the first speed dating swap



      Peter Tran, Robert Kelen chatting about all things DCRM



      Drew Shaw, Randy Lee, Esty Kashro solving the burning question of how to sync complex related custom entities!



      Suzy Lee, Roxane Carrier, Robert Kelen, Dustin Russell, Bekah Logan, Jeffrey Balmeo smiling for the camera!


      Lorie Witmer came up with an idea for the group too - we need t-shirts! Here's one thought we came up with:


      Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 9.35.22 AM.png


      Thanks to everyone who attended - was awesome!



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          Robert Kelen

          Thanks Paul for organizing! Definitely some good discussions.

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            Jonathan Ng

            Great meeting everyone yesterday.  Happy to now be in the group where we can all learn from each other and get our systems working right!

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              Grégoire Michel

              Hi All,


              As I have not been able to attend, will there be any write-up or notes shared out of this ?


              Thanks in advance,


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                Esty Kashro

                Perkuto Perkuto thanks for hosting this great event! It was a fantastic opportunity to learn from other DS-Marketo users about the daily struggles as well as hear some of the stories of successful integrations!

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                  Dan Stevens.

                  Thanks for hosting this very valuable in-person meetup, Paul - it was so good to have an opportunity to share and learn issues others are facing with the MS Dynamics sync/connector.  Now that many of us had a chance to connect like this, I'm hoping that we'll see increased activity and timely collaboration here in this virtual UG.


                  I had to leave early on Wednesday and didn't have a chance to attend the MSD meetup later in the day - where Derek Fung (Marketo product mgr) was also going to be attendance.  During the "Customer Love" session - where all of the product managers were present - I submitted the following question prior to the session:


                  Given the importance of the Marketo/Microsoft strategic partnership; and as more and more customers use MS Dynamics CRM - rather than SFDC - to integrate with their Marketo environment, there are still several limitations when compared to the SFDC integration/sync.  What's on the roadmap to ensure the same SFDC features/functionality are included with MS Dynamics (sync-to/add-to campaign, create a task, convert a lead, change owner, delete/merge leads within the Marketo UI)?

                  While the product team recognizes the growth of MSD customers, the key takeaway I got was "last year, we rolled out some MSD-only enhancements (enhanced/quicker sync, new capabilities in admin, etc.) and the SFDC customer said "what about us?".  Well this year, it sounds like the focus will be making some improvements for the SFDC customers - and then once that's complete, they will re-shift their focus once again to MSD.  I'd be interested if this was a consistent message communicated during the meetup on Wednesday.

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                      Jonathan Ng

                      This has been the general takeaway that I have been receiving from Derek and Ajay for the past few months as well.  Now that the MSD connector has been upgraded, the SFDC one needs to be updated as well.  I was also previously told that the most likely focus for the remainder of the year would be to ensure that all subscriptions are operating properly and then potentially begin work on making lookup fields readable, ie anything where GUIDs feedback into Marketo, instead of plain, readable text.

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                      Dustin Russell

                      Thanks, Paul!  Really appreciated the opportunity to meet everyone and share issues.