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    Use Cases for a Marketo Backup Solution

    Rachit Puri

      Hi Community Members


      We just launched a new product for Marketo, M-Hive which can take a regular back-up of your emails, landing pages, and templates. We created this app to help marketing teams where different team members are working on assets, and want to keep a back-up if assets are modified or deleted incorrectly. More details here: http://go.grazitti.com/M-Hive-Marketo-Asset-Backup.html

      Additionally, it allows you to preview multiple assets simultaneously and even export a PDF. If you have an email with HTML and text version in 56 different language segments, the app can simply generate a PDF with a preview of email in 56 versions each for HTML and text.


      We would love to hear what more can be included in the app as features, and if there are any use cases we should consider for the product roadmap.