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    Surveys w/ Marketo Landing Pages and/or Google Forms

      Hey guys,

      Looking for some help figuring out the best way to run a recurring survey while doing two key things: populate Marketo fields so marketing can automate targeted followups AND get a visually appealing rollup of the results.

      Some are leaning toward using a Google Form because of the ease of access and ability to view percentage results for the answers, but I don't want to lose the ability to populate fields and use that data in automation and future communication.

      Does anyone know if...

      1. You can build a Marketo analytics report to satisfy the visual results rollup need?
      2. You can embed a Google Form on a Marketo landing page WITH a hidden Marketo form that will populate fields based on clicks in the Google Form?

      This seems overly complicated, but I can't think of a way to meet both needs well without manually transferring data every so often from the Google Form to Marketo.

      Any help will be *greatly* appreciated!