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How to A/B test two different flows?

Question asked by a1b45493c6563abd0b26595cf93c7ea6ceeb4c39 on Apr 19, 2017
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Hi everyone,


I want to test informal text based emails versus marketing welcome emails for new users. I have 7 emails set and would convert them to text only for the text only flow. So the idea is that half the users go into the text only flow, and the other half go into the marketing flow with more images and dynamic template. The question is - what is the best way to test that for incoming users? I have two ideas but am open to hearing more.


Idea 1 - we split the incoming list based on the 'email address starts with a-m' who all get Text Only Email 1, and email starting with n-z get Marketing Email 1, and so on to both versions of Email 7.


Idea 2 - In Step 1 - random sample is 50 receives Text Only Email 1 and default is Marketing Email 1. Step 2 - If user received Text Only Email 1, send Text Only Email 2, default is Marketing Email 2, and so on to both versions of the email 7. I've attached a screenshot of what the Idea 2 flow would look like.


Open to trying other ways, or anyone to poke holes in this logic.


Thanks marketo peeps!