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    Marketo Certified Expert Exam

    Julian Wisdom

      Hi everyone


      I plan to take my Marketo certified expert exam soon, however the practice exam I was once using is no longer available.


      I understand that since February 2017 the exam has been changed. I was wondering if anyone has any tips, practices, or even a possible new version of the practice exam, that I could use.


      Thank You



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          Frank Breen

          I think Marketo have done away with the prep exam and replaced it with paid webinar training, free until this years summit though, as per this page: Marketo Certified Expert Prep Course, on demand version can be seen here: Marketo Certified Expert (MCE) Exam Prep - Marketo Videos. More info about the exam: Marketo Certified Expert - Topics.

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              Julian Wisdom

              Thank you Frank,


              The above links are very helpful.


              Do you know if there is a new practice exam that is due to be released? Especially as the free webinar training is only available until this years summit.



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                  Frank Breen

                  I think they are not offering it anymore, see comments here: MCE 2017 Exam Prep.


                  Also you should join this group: Certification Study Group

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                    Stephanie Chhor

                    I have looked for an online practice exam. Unfortunately, could not find any.

                    I went and did my MCE last month and managed to get away with little preparation.

                    Most of the questions are quite easy for someone with at least 6 months to a year experience in Marketo day-to-day.

                    Also, they still have those sophisticatedly formed questions that hard to understand.

                    The topics that you want to be familiar with are mostly on the following:

                    • Understand the programs: type, channel, and tags.
                    • How programs work: focus on events and nurture
                    • Understand filter, trigger, and flow steps.
                    • A/B testing, the program tabs & views such as members, summary, and dashboard.
                    • How Acquisition Program field work.
                    • Reporting: what you can do, functions/benefits and the requirements.
                    • Data management: unsubscribe, segmentation and dynamic content
                    • The different between Marketo from ESP
                    • Set up landing page URLs, forms related to visibility rules, display value vs stored value, embed form vs. landing page form.,
                    • Familiarize yourself with lead scoring. Get to know who is supposed to be participating, their specific roles. and what input they can contribute, alert management, lead status, and score token.
                    • Get familiar with the tokens. Get to know the different token types, inside and out. Learn which local tokens were inherited and overridden. What they can help you with and where to find them.
                    • SPAM Act and understand the steps that you can take to reduce the possibility of getting blacklisted or messages being sent to Junk.

                    Good luck!

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                  Darrell Alfonso

                  Stephanie is right on.


                  I would say I also noticed a lot of questions around the engagement program.


                  Studying the engagement program is a good idea, but if you haven't yet, I would build a few and test it out, that will really give you in-depth knowledge of how it works.

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                    Sujatha Vutla

                    Hi I recently attempted the Certification test. I have 4 months of work experience on Marketo. I secure 50%. Questions are mostly scenario based. And most questions have 6 options and we have to choose any 3 correct answers. If we selected 2 correct and 1 wrong option we are wrong. And most of the questions are more than half page. It takes more time to read.  But what I felt is the test is not tough but confusion all options looking similar.

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                      Darrell Alfonso

                      Sujatha Vutla


                      Kudos to you for studying for the test and striving to improve your technical skills.


                      If you have under a year of Marketo experience, the test will be confusing because there are a lot of tricky choices.


                      For example, the test will put forth "fake report names" and "fake features and tools". For those that are still relatively new, you may lean towards these options as you will probably think "oh I didn't study that report, it is probably the right answer".


                      I have recommended to some colleagues that they take extra time to study and know all the report types and what they do so when they see these trick options they will be able to disqualify those immediately.


                      The best preparation of course will be to take each topic and implement them over time at your job, however, if you are keen on passing the exam it is good to leverage standardized testing best practices.

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