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    Extra spaces in rendered email?

      Hi, I'm not sure what's happening here, but I'm using Email Editor 2.0 to edit content of our emails, both through the WYSIWYG and via the HTML code editor in an editable text module.


      Normally it works fine, but I have noticed that if you have two words next to each other, with no space, and with an HTML tag in between, Marketo will add an extra space to the rendered output in browsers and email clients.  This space is not represented in the code, and checking the WYSIWYG and code after sending a sample, there is no space character that has been added, so it seems that Marketo is adding this space when it processes the email before sending it out.




      where the parentheses are greater than/less than and there is no space between any character


      renders as:

      example text

      (note the extra space between "example" and "text")


      So there is no space in the original code, or when it's rendered in the email editor, but for some reason it's being added in ALL clients and ALL browsers when viewing the sample/test email.  This happens with b/i tags, strong/em tags, span tags, basically any HTML tag that you would use to modify a piece of text inside a paragraph, div, or td.


      I'm beyond frustrated with this stupid little error and I've tried everything I can think of to no avail.  Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.