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    How can I correlate an anonymous lead to a lead created by SalesForce?

    Sharon Freas

      I need to match up a lead created in SalesForce to its matching anonymous lead in Marketo for our channel attribution purposes. Does anyone know how to do this? I don't want to end up with dupes.


      The flow is - the anonymous lead visits a landing page in Marketo. That landing page has an iframed form from our product that ends up creating a lead in SalesForce. Then our product sends them to a Marketo thank you page with their email address as a querystring parameter.


      If I fake a form submit for just the email address it will create a lead in Marketo. Then I'll have two leads. I need the original information from the anonymous lead to do correct channel attribution on the lead that is being created in SalesForce.


      We have avoided using the API because we used this in the past and if Marketo got backed up the API calls were just ignored.