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Important - Register for Marketo Summit Sessions

Question asked by ba188b4921410e1bcc7d5b72e586420a4e78e98b on Apr 13, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2017 by f2c5b08da98b5c28013a0ab9a3957d64d7d54b7f

Hey all!


I just got off a Webinar to prepare Partners for the Marketo Summit.  They informed us that you MUST register for Summit Sessions otherwise you will be standing in line awaiting to see if there is space once all registered have entered.  Registration closes THIS COMING MONDAY and you will not be able to edit your agenda until after Summit begins.  I don't feel like this has been effectively communicated so thought I would let you know!


As a side note, if you have not registered for the MUG happy hour on Monday, please remember to do so or reach out to myself or Christina Lefebvre if you need the invite re-sent.  See you in San Fran!