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    The RTP In-Zone WYSIWYG Editor Changes HTML

    Luke Wotton



      Recently there must have been an update to RTP - as I've used it before and not had any problems. However I've just tried making a campaign and it would appear that now it automatically puts in HTML tags in the In-Zone Editor.


      This mean if you have a <div> you want to change, it will automatically put <html> <head> and <body> tags - thus breaking any layouts you use on the page.


      If I'm using an In-Zone Campaign, I don't want Marketo RTP to be injecting random tags into the area, I want it to replace the HTML on the page with what I supply the campaign with.


      Example - Code I want to inject via RTP.



      The HTML the WYSIWYG editor will replace it by.



      So, it breaks any layouts and throws in a load of extra space.


      Anyone else facing this?