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    From Address Not Saving

    Jeff Smith

      Several members of my team and I have been experiencing a weird bug in our instance, and I wanted to see if anyone else was seeing the same thing. When we clone an email, change the From Address, and approve, it will revert back to the From Address of the email it was cloned from. We then have to go back into the editor and change the email address again, and the second time it saves properly. This only happens with the From Address (not Reply-to Address) and it is not consistent or predictable, which makes it really hard to troubleshoot and show Marketo Support. There's been half a dozen or so other Marketo users at my company who have mentioned this to me, so I know it's not just me thinking I had changed it when I really hadn't. It's been happening for two or three weeks now, but it's not frequent enough to have warranted much attention, so I've held off on looking for a fix, thinking that it was probably just a temporary bug.


      This is more of an annoyance than a huge issue, but we have had an email or two send out with the wrong From Address as a result. Has anyone else seen this before or have any idea why it would do that?