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    Engagement programs - adding leads vs transition rules

    Marie Ligier



      I am creating engagement programs and in my streams I use programs outside my engagement programs, because content is also gated on the website so I want to prevent leads that have downloaded the content from receiving it by email again.


      In a content gated program, I created a new email to share the content. I also created a new campaign which I added to my stream. The filter is "member of engagement program" and the flow is "send email X".


      1. The email I send in my engagement program is in the content gated program but it is not the same than the email with the download links which is sent to leads that fill the form on the website. Do I need to filter out leads that already received the content or will the Engagement program know it should not send the email to the members of the content gated program if their status is successful?
      2. I have seen in discussions that I don't need to run the campaign I created, I just need to drag and drop it in the stream and the engagement program will request the campaign based on the lead and on the cadence I set. Do I understand well?


      Thank you in advance!


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          Josh Hill

          #2 - yes


          #1 - if the Email Asset is the same, the Engagement should not send the same Email twice. It sounds like you have two separate Asset ID# involved, so the Engagement would send again. You would need to filter out such leads.


          You do need to check other threads related to this. There used to be a "feature" that might cause Leads to go to Purgatory in this situation, never to receive another Cast again.

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