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Lead score decay based on opportunities

Question asked by Aurélien Gand - LEFT THE COMPANY on Apr 13, 2017
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My Sales team and I are building a specific scoring for our clients, which will be partly based on our contacts' Salesforce opportunities.


The idea is the following:

- If an opportunity was created less than 6 months ago: 4 points

- If an opportunity was created between 6 and 12 months ago: 2 points

- If an opportunity was created over a year ago: 1 point


I've seen many ideas here but I can't find anything quite satisfying at the moment if I want to put this idea in place.

My initial idea was to:

  • create a trigger campaign which would give 4 points when an opportunity is created
  • create a separate batch campaign to remove 2 points if no opportunity was created in the last 6 months
  • and create another separate batch to remove 1 point if no opportunity was created in one year

The problem here is that if multiple opportunities are created in six months, the score could signficantly increase. And that setting the modification rules of the trigger campaign to every six months is not efficient either, as it would just prevent a lead from coming into the campaign.


I tried to think about another solution, with which the lead would go through two flow steps in one campaign. But again, if the lead has multiple opportunities, the score could rise fast. Plus, using wait steps over such a long time is not really something I would like to implement.


I also thought about not scoring in the flow step the leads added to an opportunity less than 6 months ago, but as the trigger is based on this criterion, the lead will of course meet it and not be scored – even if the previous opportunity would have been created 10 years ago.


Any suggestion? I hope it is clear enough. As far as I understand, the problem here is not really the decay as such, but rather how to limit this part of scoring to 4 points without creating yet another custom score – I would like to avoid as much as possible the multiplication of scores.


Thank you for your ideas!