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    Salesforce Object Sync Numbers don't match SFDC report

    Adam Benitez

      I recently synched a SFDC custom object called "Product License". When I run a smart list in Marketo, I get about 4x the amount that I get in SFDC. I've also previously noticed that the Opportunity numbers aren't exact either. Has anyone else experienced this? Are custom objects just not very accurate when synched to Marketo? Is there some hidden juju bean secret I'm unaware of?

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          Steven Vanderberg

          Make sure you are comparing apples to apples when visibility permissions when building your reports.  Marketo pulls anything the sync user can see, so your reports need to be built from the same level of visibility.  You also want to make sure that records aren't being hidden from the sync user at some point during their life cycle that could lead to the record being deleted in Salesforce but not within the visibility of the sync user.  Also, remember you are working with objects that have a 1-to-many relationship to People, Smart Lists that return the # of people with at least one object wont ever be equal to a report in Salesforce that returns the number of objects.

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