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    Duplicates creating WITH RingLead

    Kim Gandy

      We use RingLead within Salesforce and Marketo. On the Salesforce side, my team is using RingLead's unique upload tool, which I'm told should look at both Salesforce and Marketo for existing records before creating a new lead. However hundreds of duplicate leads are being created in Marketo, and I have to add all leads to a RIngLead dedup list and trigger campaign. Shouldn't the unique upload tool prevent duplicates from occurring?

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          Christina Zuniga

          I'm considering RingLead as a solution so I'm very interested in the response to your question!

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            William Finnen

            Hi Kim,


            Unique Upload is specific to Salesforce.  When you upload it looks for duplicates in Salesforce, but if you have records in Marketo that aren't synced to Salesforce, it will not find the duplicate.  It will get created and synced to Marketo.


            In your case, you should have RingLead's Marketo Webhook setup and upload through Marketo.  This way, you will get an email match on the Marketo records not synced to Salesforce and RingLead's full duplicate algorithm against records that are synced to Salesforce.


            If you really want to prevent all dupes from being created including the records not synced to Salesforce, create a Salesforce queue that contains the records not previously synced from Marketo.  You can create permission on this queue that restricts other users from viewing or modifying the records.


            If you follow the solution, RingLead will be able to prevent all duplicates via Unique Upload or the Marketo Webhook.


            Lastly, there could be an issue with the way you have the integration setup so we should schedule a quick support call to make sure everything is working correctly.  I will go ahead and have our team reach out to get something setup asap.

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              Hi Kim,


              RingLead's Unique Upload searches Salesforce, not Marketo, for duplicates.  As Billy Finnen said, if you upload records into Salesforce, RingLead can prevent duplicates there.  But if you do not have a one-to-one relationship between your Marketo and Salesforce, and have what I call "orphans" (those not linked to Salesforce) in Marketo, the records you upload into Salesforce will be sync'd to Marketo, and you will see a situation where you have an orphan (no SFDC Id) and a duplicate linked to Salesforce. 

              The solution for this is two-fold:

              1. Sync all of your Marketo Leads to Salesforce so that they can pick up a SFDC Id.  Those that you don't yet want your Sales team to work can be sent to a Salesforce Queue where only RingLead's webhook can find them.

              2. Upload your lists into Marketo where the RingLead webhook can look for them in Salesforce, and prevent duplicates from being created in both places.

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