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    Lead and Contact Status

    Rachel Bryan

      Okay, I am going to do my best to explain the issue we are experiencing.  Feel free to ask for more clarification if needed.


      We have a very robust database already prior to Marketo, and many of the people in our database are already an SFDC type of contact.  In many cases, "leads" that are delivered to our sales team are actually contact records.  Because of this, in SFDC we do have a lead status field in leads (standard), and a custom contact status field in contacts.  Should our "Status" field in Marketo be mapped to both of these fields in SFDC, or should we have one Marketo field for Status (leads) mapped the lead status and one for contact status that is mapped to the contact status in SFDC?  The latter is how it was setup during on-boarding, but I am starting to see some issues with the way that it functions.