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    Fixing Capitalization Errors

    Ethan Hutcheson-Wilcox
      Is there a way to automate updating first and last name values so that they have initial capitals rather than all upper or all lower case?
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          Josh Hill
          You may be able to do this with something like Demand Tools or an intern ;)

          This cannot be done in Marketo.
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            Matt Stone
            If you really wanted to get creative, you could do this with the API. You could have a script that runs on a cron schedule (say, daily) and looks at all the new leads for that day. It could take all of their names, lowercase them, then just capitalize the first letters, and then update the record.

            You'd have to build in some logic if you really wanted to make it work well, so that you're not screwing up names that are formatted fine and don't follow the very basic rule I outlined above.

            All in all, this is probably not worth the effort, but it might be fun to try.