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    How to create a scalable model for constant requests of email performance reports

    Dan Stevens.

      As much as we try to persuade our country marketers to think beyond very tactical reporting, many still want us to send them a variety of reports after each email send:

      • Email performance report
      • Detailed click analysis (name, company, link clicked)
      • Bounce/unsubscribe reports


      This requires members of my team to have to remember to run these reports x days after campaign activation and send them to the marketers.  Ideally, if this capability existed (Create "one-time" triggered reports ), we could build this logic within the smart campaigns and make it completely automated. 


      What model do you all use to provide this level of reporting after each campaign?  I'm especially interested in one that scales across a global organization (we have 23 country workspaces) and many email sends each week (and is even more complex when Engagement Programs are included in the mix).