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    MSI and Salesforce Email Tracking

    Hank Hansen

      We recently enabled MSI and the Outlook plugin for sales to "send via Marketo". We've noticed spell check option in Outlook is disabled using the MSI Outlook plugin. A native Outlook pop-up that checks spelling before sending no longer appears when sending via the MSI Outlook plugin.


      If sales were to send email reponses and use the Salesforce BCC method instead of MSI Outlook plugin, I'm expecting the following outcome:


      - Marketo generated emails will continue to appear within MSI in Salesforce

      - Human-generated emails sent from sales using Salesforce BCC address will appear in the Activity History (or they may need human resolution if Salesforce doesn't know the record with which to associate the email).


      If we are willing to live with this, are there any downsides? Are there any better alternatives?

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          Darrell Alfonso



          What you have above is the correct behavior.


          The benefit that will be missed if you move to sending with outlook and BCC salesforce will be that you will lose the open and click data, as well as any scoring programs that update based on "opening" or "clicking" sales emails.


          If many of the responses are similar in nature, you could build templated responses and review them for spelling errors beforehand. This would reduce the likelihood of sales making typos.


          IMHO, opens and clicks aren't as valuable as other activities so losing the scoring won't be a big deal. If sales really wants visibility to who opens their emails, then you can go with the template option, or possibly buy another tool to add to your stack. Some of the sales automation tools (like Yesware) have Marketo plugins that can connect with your reporting.

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            Hank Hansen

            Thanks Darrell! We're also looking at tools outside of MSI to record in Salesforce all email activity outside of Marketo-sent email (we would continue using MSI for that). I'm digging around other threads here for candidates. If you have any that are top of mind please let me know!