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    Email Opened - not tracking

    Margherita Herold

      Hi All,


      We sent an email where there are 2 links to external web pages. We have opened the email and clicked on the links.

      We cannot see any results for the Email Opened trigger, instead we have the results for the Email Clicked trigger. So we are able to track the clicks on the email but we don’t have results for the email opened.

      We had the same triggers in other previous campaigns and in that case they worked in a proper way. Do you know what can be the reason?


      Thank you in advance


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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Daniela,


          1st thing to check: "email opens" event only fire if you download all the images in the email. So check that you have indeed downloaded these images. You can open the email without the images and Marketo (like any other emailing solution) will not register the open event, but will indeed register the click, since the click is routed through the click detection server.


          Also, please note that you can also register an open if the images were downloaded (for instance by the antivirus, or while the addressee was browsing through his emails) and yet the person has not really opened the email.


          This lack of reliability of opens is one of the reasons why it is not recommended to base filter or triggered campaigns on it.



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              Birbal Negi

              Hi Greg,


              This insight is pretty helpful in terms of the way opens are tracked in Marketo. However, I'm encountering an issue where email opens are not tracking in-spite of downloading all the images from an email. Though it's a plain text email but I have added a pixel to load with the email for opens tracking. Email is successfully getting delivered across multiple email clients but even after opening those emails they are not tracking as opens in Marketo.


              Any insight around this would be really helpful!