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    Evolutions to the MSD connector: a shopping list

    Grégoire Michel

      Since I won't be able to attend the Marketing Nation, nor the MSD special event, this year, I thought I would try to contribute to the discussion with a shopping list, sorted from the most critical to the least urgent:


      1-Urgent and Important

      1. Make the lookups user friendly. Having to filter on GUID's is really not convenient. This is really a major issue for ALL MSD customers. See Show Value of Lookup Fields NOT GUID for Dynamics CRM Integration (Thx Jennifer Grassan)
      2. Support campaigns and lists and synchronize them with programs. See Ability to sync programs and campaigns in dynamics
      3. Change Owner flow step is a must have in order to manage properly the lead lifecycle. See Provide the "Change Owner" flow action for MS Dynamics users (Thx Dan Stevens.)
      4. Enable the "sync lead" to work also on existing contacts and leads for urgent sync needs. See MS Dynamics: "Sync lead" flow step to update existing persons
      5. Have a "Create task" flow step. See Ability for Marketo to log activities in Microsoft Dynamics (Thx Cathal Moran)
      6. Access to the standard address table. See MSD: Synchronize standard Address table
      7. Support for custom forms for the MSI section. See MSI for Dynamics to support custom forms


      2-Would be really cool

      1. Some more advanced flow steps such as "add to campaign"
      2. Use lookup user fields for lead/contact assignment
      3. Possibility to get the MSI section on opportunities and accounts. See Sales Insight on Account and Opportunity in CRM (Thx Emily Tigert )


      3-On the longer term

      All the ideas that flourish around the SFDC connector would be welcome to the MSD once, once the ideas above are implemented.



      Obviously, I would love to read other contributors in here.