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    One Global WordPress form for Resources Library

    Jon-Sun Lu

      I'm wondering if anybody has successfully implemented a single global WordPress form that customizes the download button URL to point to the individual PDF based on the page?


      I'm trying to implement something similar to Marketo's own Resource library (i.e. Building Effective Landing Pages ), where a prospect can fill out one form for one resource, and never have to fill out the form again when they navigate to a new resource on the same site.


      I've been using the "Form Embed" code, as well as using the "If Known HTML" to hide the form and show the Download button. My issue is how do I dynamically add the PDF URL to that button when I have 10 landing pages that use that same form?


      I have a developer that is versed in javascript and jQuery but we're struggling with the best solution for achieving this. I'm open to any solutions or best practices that somebody has used before.