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Decreasing a Wait Step

Question asked by 02927074be17ceba8b646ad29febce6f735ff9e8 on Apr 7, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2017 by Devraj Grewal

I'm sure this has been asked and answered, but couldn't find the answer in the first 5 search results I looked at, so figured I would ask again. Many thanks to somebody with the knowledge taking the time to answer this:

What happens to leads that are in a wait step, when the wait step time is decreased?



Background: Let's say we're working on filling out the rest of a campaign and desire to keep everybody in the same campaign, as it progresses. Can we add a final wait step to put them in a holding pattern until the rest of the campaign gets flushed out? e.g. Setting the Wait time to 40 days and then decreasing it to 1 minute, once the next step is defined?


Again, thanks for answering this!!