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    Database limitations

    Mitchell Kennedy-Stillman

      Hey Marketeers,

      I have a little problem that I was hoping a member of the community could relate to and give some advice.

      I have a strict budget cap which means we are not able to expand our database beyond the 10k members that comes out of the box.

      As a result, it means that I am frequently importing leads, emailing them and then moving them back out of the system again. This process works, but of course means that we are limited in our tracking, reporting and also run the risk of sending the same email more than once (should a lead meet certain criteria for import again).

      Does anyone out there have a solution for working within the 10k while retaining data? Alternatively, do you have any clear and strong arguments that I could take to those who control our budgets to increase our cap?

      Any thoughts would be appreciated.