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    Working in Marketo with MSD GUIDS

    Raul Ocaña

      Hi guys,


      Hopefully one of you have a workaround for this.


      In CRM I have a couple of "lookups" on the Lead entity. I have created Smart Campaigns in Marketo so I can use custom fields to "normalize" this GUIDS to text fields.


      The problem here is that one of those lookups are the countries. So I cant create a Smart Campaign with more than 247 choices to normalize each GUID to a single text field because it hangs. After the 50th choice is a pain to continue on that, so another option is to create a Webhook which will be triggered each time the Country GUID changes.


      The thing is that I have no idea on creating those. I imagine creating a WCF and somehow querying from there to the CRM and returning the text name to Marketo in JSON. But that is new to me and would be nice if anyone has something like that already done.


      Best regards,


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          Dave Wormell

          No easy answer on this. Marketo does not interact well with the GUIDs which are basically database Foreign Keys. What we have done is build a workaround solution in MSD. We created a text field for each Lookup field then have a workflow in CRM that converts the lookup value to a text value. The limitation you will have is Marketo does not update content on closed Records (e.g. Qualified Leads and Closed Won Opps). This fix will only work on open records and new records that you create going forward. You could in theory reopen, run the workflow and then close the Leads and Opps in MSD. There are ramifications in MSD reopening and closing records and this would also create a lot of Marketo synchronizations. We did not reopen any records. The testing I performed on automated record reopening and closing confirmed data integrity issues in MSD and Marketo. Let me know what you apply as a solution.


          There is a method to have a paid Marketo Consultant build a custom solution for you but even Marketo recommends using the CRM as a workaround.


          Our environment:


          MSD 2016 Online




          Marketo API with custom websites for Lead Forms

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              Raul Ocaña

              Hi Dave,


              That's a great workaround that I didn't thought about. So how do you get the Text value from a lookup field on CRM?

              I can do that while I figure out how to finish the Webhook.




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                Grégoire Michel

                Hi Dave,


                this is in fact the way this is done in SFDC, excepted that in SFDC, whatever the status of the record, you can always update it, unless one has create some specific rules to prevent it (and even these rules can be overridden).


                In SFDC, you may use either workflow/trigger-updated field or formula fields. Formula fields are even simpler to implement, but have the drawback that any update in the lookup record does not fire an update in the source record, and if it's not updated, then the new value is not sync'ed in Marketo. But formula fields are good enough when the lookup field is almost never updated, such as users (people do not usually change names).


                Would the same be possible in MSD?