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    Add Lead generated in one workspace into program in another workspace (no partitions)

    Vera Parassidis

      Hi Marketo community,


      We have purchased workspaces subscription from Marketo so we have workspaces A, B, C, D, E and Default. In Default workspace I created a form. The form has multiple checkboxes to allow the lead to opt-in into product A, B, C, D, E. Each checkbox corresponds to a unique boolean field, e.g A-subscription=True/False, B-Subscripton=True/False and such. If lead fills out the form and checks boxes A and B, they should be added to a program located in Workspace A and B respectively. Each workspace has unique programs, but lead partition is shared. So theoretically I can see the lead generated in Default workspace in any other workspace and I can see when A-subscription turns to True, but I can't use that criterion solely because there are many more forms that record A-subscription as true and add lead to many various programs. Flow steps in a smart campaign can see only programs located in Default workspace. I have difficulties figuring out how to add leads to a program in another workspace.


      Did anyone figure it out or have an idea how to solve?

      Thank you in advance!