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    Program Membership & Engagement Programs

      Hi y'all,

      At the risk of asking a dumb question...

      I have programs in my engagement programs. A lead will only receive a program's content once right?

      I know if a lead has a program status like "engaged" they won't receive the program a second time. But what if they do not? They can still only get a particular email once, correct?

      Example, Bob is sent the Email 1 for Program A through his Engagement Program. He does nothing. He'll still move to the next email/program. He won't keep getting Email 1 for Program A until he takes an action. Correct?

      Similar example, Bob is sent Email 1 for Program A independent of his Engagement Program. He does nothing. Program A is later added to his Engagement Program. Will he receive Email 1 again or is Marketo too smart for that?

      I'm 99% sure I know the answer but just checking.
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          Matt Stone
          It's my understanding (and I'm not positive), that when using programs in engagement programs, it works off membership of those programs. So when a cadence hits and a program is next, all of the applicable leads are added to that program, so regardless of whether they interact with the email or not, the next cadence will check to see if they are members of the program, and if yes, move on to the next piece of content.

          I assume this would work the same if a lead becomes a member of a program outside of an engagement program, then is later added to an EP and hits that same program -- it would see the lead is already a member of that program and skip it.
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            This is correct as long as you are reusing the same exact email in both engagement programs they will not get the email twice. However if you are using a clone or a slightly version they will. Hope that helps! - Jeff
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              This is what I thought! But I must have tricked the system.

              I had Email 1 from Program A in the EP and then over the weekend I figured out how to add whole programs to an EP. So I expired Email 1 and added Program A. My leads got Email 1 again today though :(

              I expected since they had already received Email 1 that when I added the whole Program A to the EP they would not get Email 1 again.

              It looks like my assumption/understanding was wrong. But from y'all's responses, at least what I expected to happen was logical.
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                It sounds like you've got two versions of Email 1....1 in the Email 1 that you expired, and 1 as a part of Program A. Marketo would see those two Email 1s as two different emails (even if they're exact clones of one another). 

                If you'd kept your original Email 1 (that some folks had already received) in the EP and then imported Program A into the EP and then replaced the Email 1 that was part of the Program A with the Email 1 that some folks had already received, you should then have gotten where you were hoping to go. 

                Hope that helps for next time!