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    Varying processes for inside and outside sales teams

    Darrell Alfonso

      We are growing our inside sales teams, historically we have relied only on outside sales (account execs/directors, senior level).


      As I am building out new processes for this some things stand out right away.

      • inside sales/SDR's can review leads much faster and have the bandwidth to review less quality leads
      • for existing prospect accounts, when should new names be assigned to the account exec and when should it stay with the SDR
      • colleagues have been suggesting a new "meetings set" lead status for SDR use
      • The pros and cons of having only SDR's review net new leads coming in


      Would love others' thoughts and experience on this and if you have other considerations that are important to keep in mind.

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          Allison Isett

          Hi Darrell,


          We have recently implemented a revenue cycle model in marketo, with lead scoring. When leads score up to a "warm lead score" they are queued to SDR rep. We track this by revenue stage, which clearly mirrors lead status. so for example it starts Name/Prospect>MQL>SAL>OPP. The MQL revenue stage is when it enters an SDRs hands. From there the SDR qualifies it, if its a good one for sales, they make it SAL (sales accepted) and then transition it to the right account manager. If its a lead that is not yet ready to buy, it becomes "Recycle/nurture" and gets dumped back into our marketing funnel, and is de-scored so it has the chance to score up through our programs. If it's a lead that will never buy it gets  a "disqualified" status and is not added back into our marketing funnel. Hope that helps!

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