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    Can't center landing pages lately


           I've been using Marketo for well over 6 months now and never had an issue centering my landing pages until the last few weeks. 

           Normally if I put "0" in "Left" on an object (normally an HTML box), the item centers by itself. But now, if I put 0, it aligns it flush to the left. If I put "auto" nothing happens. If I put align="center" in the HTML box, nothing happens. Same goes if I were to put an image element, I can't center it. And I don't want to put 500px just so it looks centered on my screen, but I know this won't be applicable to other people's screens. I want this box to be centered dynamically.

           How do I solve this?? I never had this issue, until there was an update not too long ago. Please help or fix!



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          Hi Tu, 

          could it be that the template you're using has recently been changed?

          The problem lies in the template you're using, lines 108 - 112 to be exact. You are centering your content withing the editable section, however, your editable section is alligned to the left. And therefore it's not alligned like you want to. 

          Simply remove or adjust the positioning information in the template and you're done. 

          Tip: clone the template and use that from then on, otherwise it might effect all landing pages using that template. 

          Hope this helps!


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            Hi Rudd, 

            Thanks for replying! Ahh, I didn't think about the template. I think someone may have modified the "blank template" without me knowing, but that would totally explain why things haven't been centering lately. 

            Thank you!

            Tu Tram
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              At your service! Good luck!