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Can't center landing pages lately

Question asked by 34795 on Apr 14, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2014 by 32399


     I've been using Marketo for well over 6 months now and never had an issue centering my landing pages until the last few weeks. 

     Normally if I put "0" in "Left" on an object (normally an HTML box), the item centers by itself. But now, if I put 0, it aligns it flush to the left. If I put "auto" nothing happens. If I put align="center" in the HTML box, nothing happens. Same goes if I were to put an image element, I can't center it. And I don't want to put 500px just so it looks centered on my screen, but I know this won't be applicable to other people's screens. I want this box to be centered dynamically.

     How do I solve this?? I never had this issue, until there was an update not too long ago. Please help or fix!