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    Notifying leads with a role in an Opportunity?

      Marketo has API support for creating Opportunities and associated Roles. I would like to set up a smart campaign that triggers on a stage change for the Opportunity (so far this is simple) and then has a flow that notifies someone with a given Role in that opportunity (already raised with Marketo support and told that there is no known way and suggested I post here).


      I am able to add custom fields to the Opportunity object (via Marketo support request), one for each role in an Opportunity, and I can populate those with email addresses, and though clunky and redundant, I can convey the information INTO Marketo.


      But having added those custom fields, am I correct that they would be inert and unusable? Because I cannot refer to them via tokens like I can for a Lead object, I still see no way to refer to these fields given a trigger on an Opportunity change.


      I purely want to notify the right people when a deal enters a given stage, and I am willing to do custom coding versus various REST APIs to get there.


      Has anyone found a way to do this?