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    Act-On Migration

      Has anyone migrated from Act-On to Marketo?  We are getting ready for the switch - if you've got any specific issues to watch out for, a heads up would be much appreciated!
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          I would make sure that you have mapped out your lead lifecycle before you go live with Marketo. Understand the different on and off ramps for different programs and nurture campaigns. Make sure you have communicated with sales when you will pass them leads (will it be every lead? leads that hit a certain threshold? leads that take a specifici action). Having this outline and defined ahead of time will help you be more succssful with Marketo.
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            Josh Hill
            Sierra has that right.

            Also, read all of the Admin and SFDC Install documents well before you even try to do this. The more you get right before the sync, the better off you'll be.

            Do you need to add fields to SFDC to make the lead lifecycle work?

            Do you understand the lead scores? Will you even do this right now?

            Make sure you get your subscription mgmt or unsub lists right and migrate those over and add those fields to SFDC if they aren't already in there.
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              Thank you both!  We've got all the basics/processes set up, but great reminder about the unsubscribe lists.
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                What did you find to be the biggest gains on the switch to Marketo?