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    Engagement Program Emails with Different Send Times

      I need to set up an engagement campaign that sends 2 emails: 1 early in the morning on Mondays and 1 later in the days on Thursdays. Since each stream cadence is set to a specific day and time, I am not sure how to do this. I thought of 2 ways to make it work, but would like another opinion on what the best option is.


      Option 1:

      Add the Monday emails to Stream 1 and the Thursday emails to Stream 2.  Create a campaign that switches them between streams. When the person receives Email 01 from Stream 1, add them to Stream 2. When they receive Email 01 from Stream 02, add them back to Stream 1.


      Option 2:

      Create 2 Engagement programs. Program 1 sends the Monday emails and Program 2 sends the Thursday emails.


      If there are better options than these, I would love to hear suggestions. Perhaps an engagement program isn't even the best program type to use.


      Thanks guys!

      - Nick