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    New Campaign: Lead Follow Up

    Bethany Dunich

      We are looking to set up a campaign that monitors how quickly our sales team is following up on leads. This is what we want to achieve:


      It is a business rule that our sales team must follow up with leads when the lead reach a lead score of 50 points within 24 hours. At the end of the month we want to report on each sales person and say they followed up with X amount of leads in 24 hours, and did not meet this criteria for X amount of leads. Is something like this possible to set up? Is there any best practices for this scenario that might work better?


      My initial thought was to create a task in SFDC every time a lead reach 50 points. They sales person must acknowledge that task within 24 hours.

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          Grégoire Michel

          HI Bethany,


          Please move this question to Products where it belongs. The specified item was not found. is for generic marketing questions. Read here to learn more. And yes, this is confusing, as Sanford would write



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            Grégoire Michel

            Hi Bethany,


            Managing lead statuses and lead status date is probably a better solution for this, even if it requires a little more setup.


            Lead status is a standard field in SFDC for leads,  but you also need to add it to contacts, if it is to done.


            You also need to create a couple of datetime fields:

            • Sales Assigned Datetime (Or Sales Ready dateTime)
            • Sales Processed Datetime


            When the lead reaches the score threshold, you can use a smart campaign to automatically set the lead status to a specific status such as Sales Ready. In the same smart campaign, you set the value of the "Sales Assigned DateTime" to {{system.datetime}}.


            Then, when the sales have processed a lead, you ask them to change the status to either "Sales accepted" or "Recycled" or "To Be Discarded", depending on the qualification they make. You set up a smart campaign that detects this status changes and set the Sales Accepted datetime and Sales Dismissed datetime to the same {{system.datetime}} value. $


            Then in SFDC, you create a formula field to compute the sales processing time (hours) = (Sales Processed Datetime - Sales Assigned Datetime)*24.


            You can make the whole thing more sophisticated, for instance detect if the SFDC lead is converted and attached to an opportunity or if a contact is attached to an opportunity and set the sales processed datetime and status automatically.



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