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Form Analytics

Question asked by 2e825967e8301e6408be11ab68e20b82a9b26ef7 on Mar 30, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2018 by Maytal Levi

What is the best way to look at form performance? Here's the situation:


We've shortened a few forms and want to analyze how the new version is performing compared to the old. This would be pretty simple if the forms were hosted on a Marketo landing page, however, they are embedded into our website and are NOT on Marketo landing pages. Any ideas on how to analyze conversion rates of each version? I've used Optimizely in the past at other companies, but my current company doesn't have Optimizely or similar tools currently.


What I've thought of in the interim is to run Smart Lists of each form version before and after the date that we made the changes. That at least gives us a glimpse into quantity / quality of leads that have filled out each version of the form, but we still lack conversion rate.


Any help would be awesome!