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    Anyone had success with "Contact Status" ?

    Darrell Alfonso

      Curious to see if anyone is using contact status with success. And if they are making that a field that is visible to sales reps so they can update it?

      I used to work with an instance with Contact Status, but it was not used much. I am thinking of introducing it to my current instance, since we have several thousand "prospect" accounts and "prospect" contacts.


      So I'm curious if it is best practice to match contact status with lead status values, and then create an "MQL" notification if a contact has reached a certain score etc.


      Any advice is appreciated!

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          Grégoire Michel

          HI Darrell,


          Yes, do not expect sales to really update that field. You will have to create workflows (either in SFDC or with Marketo smart campaigns) to update it and also use tasks to make sure that MQL or SQL are really being handled and called back. Typical workflows that you may want to create, in addition to the typical MQL and SQL:

          • Set the contact to Opportunity status when it is attached to an opportunity
          • Set the contact back to recycled status when an oppy is lost
          • Set the contact to won when the opportunity is won and no other opportunity is opened
          • Set the contact to recycled when it has been won for a certain duration
          • Set the contact to nurtured when the recycle period is over
          • Set the contact to cold if he/she is not responding to campaigns
          • ...



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            Hi Darrell Alfonso


            Yes, this is possible to have the contact status and we have done this in past for some of our customers. It is a good practice to match contact status with lead status values but both will have separate values :- One for leads and one for contacts.

            However MQL status is only valid for leads until they are passed by sales and became contact. 


            Jagbir Singh


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