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    Stream Cadence to 9 days

    Ronda Vye

      Is there a way I can set my stream cadence to post every 9 days so I have a continued staggered day of the week send?   I only see weekly or monthly options.

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Ronda,


          This is a Products question. Please move it there, instead of About Community which for questions about how the community works. Read this to learn more.


          And the answer to your question is no, this not possible.


          I would use a regular smart campaign flow for this. But if you really want to use an engagement program, you can do this:


          Set 7 streams. Each of them having a weekly cast schedule and each of them casting a different day of the week.

          1. Stream 1, contains email 1, 8, 15,... and casting on mondays
          2. Stream 2 contains email 2, 9, 16,... and casting on wednesdays
          3. Stream 3, contains email 3, 10, 17, ... and casting on fridays
          4. Stream 4 contains email 4, 11, 18,...  and casting on sundays
          5. Stream 5 contains email 5, 12, 19,... and casting on tuesdays
          6. Stream 6 contains email 6, 13, 2à, ... and casting on thursdays
          7. Stream 7 contains email 7, 14, 21, ..., casting on saturdays


          Then a smart campaign that monitors email sent. When email 1n 8 or 15 is sent, the campaign waits 3 days and move the lead to stream 2. When email 2, 9, 16 are sent, way 3 days and move lead to stream 3, etc...





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