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    Looking for some clarity around adding a new domain.

    Osman Erzinclioglu

      We're adding a new domain in order to host a blog. Unfortunately, it's not a subdomain of our current site but an entirely new domain name.


      Other than adding Marketo tracking scripts to this new site, is there anything else that needs to be done? I've read a number of blog posts, but I'm still not entirely clear on the implications.


      • We don't see any reason to brand our emails differently for content related to this new domain name. (E-mails associated with subscriptions to this blog content will be sent from our primary domain.)
      • We do intend to embed a Marketo form into the site which will allow users to subscribe.
      • We don't intend to use any landing pages in tandem with this site and are fine with those operating under our other domain rather than this new domain if we do.
      • We would like to track users activities but understand that because these are separate domains that users will need to be cookied again. From my understanding, if they click a link in one of our Marketo e-mails to this new site, their activities on the new domain will be associated with their existing record.


      Am I missing anything here or, given the above details, is adding tracking script to the new site's pages all that needs to be done?