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    Email deliverability now being affected by the inclusion of PNGs - over-cautious client?

    Dan Stevens.

      This is the first I've heard of this, but one of our top global clients just notified their account executive, that we need to stop sending them emails since they are currently being blocked - because the emails contain references to .PNG image files.  Apparently, malicious code can be transported via PNG files.  Is this true?  And are some spam/security filters now configured to block emails with PNGs?


      Theoretically, it’s possible for any file to have a virus.  For non-executable ones – like PNGs – you still need an executable (.exe, .js, .zip, .rar, etc.) to trigger it (which is why all scripts of any sorts are stripped from emails – e.g., why we can’t embed a video in an email).  This is the first we have heard of a customer informing us that they are blocking our emails because of the inclusion of PNGs.